3 private cabins on a pier in Provincetown, MA

Summers on Cape Cod are about to get a lot more enjoyable for a shopper with an itch for waterfront life – and some serious dough.

You really can’t get any closer to the water than these three cabins on a private jetty located at 99 Commercial St. in Provincetown, MA.

On the market for $ 1.75 million, the rustic resort is a turnkey opportunity to create a private camping trifecta. Or maybe a group of knowledgeable close friends can share the cost? Either way, a new owner can wake up to pristine Cape Cod sunrises right over the water at Union Wharf.

“This is a very unusual property. It’s like going camping with a shared shower room, while staying in beach huts right on the water. There is no more waterfront than that ”, says the listing broker, Mike Minor by Coldwell Banker.

The West End Seasonal Cottages were originally built in 1930. While all three are sold separately, they are sold as a package.

And there is something for everyone: “Each cabin at the water’s edge has its own unique qualities,” says Minore.

He explains that cabin n ° 1 has a Douglas fir floor and a vaulted ceiling. It also has a full kitchen and storage space. Cabin # 2 is in the middle and also has a vaulted ceiling.

The kitchenette is equipped with a full stove and there is a small dining area.

The third cabin has the best views, an elevated sleeping area, and windows “that make you feel like you’re on a boat,” according to the agent.

This third cabin, with a view of the city and the port on three sides, also benefits from direct access to the common outdoor area.

“Outside cabin # 3 is a large deck that is shared between the three and is great for entertaining,” Minore explains.

He noted that each cabin measures approximately 145 square feet, with individual toilets and kitchenettes in each. There is a shared shower for all three units.

For a total immersion in all that is aquatic, for example for the paddle or the windsurfing board. he adds: “There is also a ramp off the bridge which is designed for their exclusive use.”

View of the property in Provincetown, MA


Pier connecting the cabins


Cabin interior




Outer deck




The resort offers a unique opportunity to own a portion of Provincetown’s historic waterfront.

“The opportunity for a property like this presents itself once in a lifetime,” says Minore.

The agent believes someone from the area is likely to take over this priceless jetty, someone, as he puts it, “who already owns property in town and wants to be on the water, but wants to maintain her. other house and live there during winters. “

He suggests that it could also be someone from Cape Town who wishes to maintain a presence in Provincetown.

The cottages could also be used as a second home and would work well as a rental property.

“Someone can come with a friend or two and buy them,” Minore adds, “while another might want to buy the whole enchilada. “



Exterior view of the pier


Night pier


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