A baby was born in a bathroom stall

In Texas, a baby was born in a bathroom stall.

Over the weekend, a bundle of joy was delivered in a restroom stall.

While returning from Houston to Victoria, Kaitlyn Fullerton gave birth to her second child. She claimed that when she felt the need to push, she mistook it for a Braxton Hicks contraction or an urge to relieve herself.

Kaitlyn’s husband, Sergio Mancera, then drove over to a gas station in Beasley, Texas. He claimed he was on the phone when a woman appeared and informed him that his wife had given birth to their son.

Many spectators were shocked and frightened as a result of this tragedy. When the women in the bathroom noticed that something wasn’t quite right, they got concerned for the mother’s safety. When they opened the door, they were greeted with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Kaitlyn then requested that one of the women inform her husband about the situation.

Sergio was shocked by what had transpired and grabbed his other son. They dashed to the restroom with his son in tow, only to find his wife and their new baby on the stall.

Kaitlyn and the baby were sent to Sugar Land Hospital for more testing. The pair subsequently uploaded the video to Tiktok, where it has been seen over a million times.

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