Assembled The Making of Loki: How Tom Hiddleston Went From A Supporting Character To The Hero Of His Own Show

What makes a Loki, a Loki? We went looking for answers to this in Marvel Studios’ recently closed web series, but what we got was much more than that – a hit show that set the ball rolling for not only MCU Phase 4, but also introduced us to a new side of the God of evil.

Loki season one may have had its finale on Disney Plus last week, but in Marvel’s latest offering – Assembled: The Making of Loki, we get an in-depth look at how the six-episode show came to be.

The one-hour docu-episode begins with lead actor Tom Hiddleston’s Shakespearean narration of time and space, looking back when, at age 29, he first donned the green costume to play the supporting character in Thor (2011), to eventually getting his own show at 40, despite his death in MCU’s main timeline.

Loki season one teased fans that a second season was in the pipeline. (Photo: Screengrab/Disney Plus Hotstar)

During his piece-to-camera, Tom revealed that he and Chris Hemsworth received a call from the Marvel office the same day, regarding the cast as Loki and Thor, respectively. He confessed that it was Comic Con 2013, when he appeared on stage in the look of Loki at the behest of Marvel boss Kevin Feige and realized how much fandom the character had already created. Yes, Loki is a fan-made character.

Loki had about two hours of screen time in MCU over the past ten years. Then nobody thought 2021 was coming, and he gets 6 hours to tell his story. Loki’s director Kate Herron said in the documentary that the show was about self-acceptance and self-love for her. Her sole motive was to enable Loki to “get over his demons and find the good in himself to be able to embark on that redemptive journey.”

The episode features offscreen moments between Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson. (Photo: Screengrab/Disney Plus Hotstar)

The episode also takes us through the different departments of Loki. From designing the 360-degree photo set for the town of Shuroo to creating The Void that reminded the director of rural England, the Assembled episode highlights the details the show prioritized.

In fact, a lot of thought went into creating the Time Variance Authority (TVA) – whether it was the glass door, inspired by David Lynch’s Dune, to the TemPads. The TVA set was influenced by “mid-century modernism and brutalism with Kafka-esque humor.” TVA strips you of your individuality. Despite being a bureaucratic set up, the “technology should not loom futuristic or archaic, but should be an ethereal place in time.”

Sophia Di Martino played Sylvie in Loki. (Photo: Screengrab/Disney Plus Hotstar)

If we look closely, even the fights were choreographed according to the background of the characters. So, while Loki is ballet, with elegant matador-style big arm movements, Sylvie is like a “wildcat” who bites and attacks with her horns because she’s always been on the run and grew up in the apocalypse.

Fans and critics alike have praised Loki’s prodigious cinematography, through the scenes in The Void, Lake Crater or End of Time, the graphically created Alioth or the Citadel that reminded Kate Herron of a small house from Sunset Boulevard or Gray Gardens. The documentary also has the maker discuss how it was all done behind a blue screen.

Special discussion points were devoted to the Variant Lokis and the other characters with respective actors sharing their experience. It was Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s first time playing such a strong role as Ravonna Renslayer, Richard Grant saying he wanted a classic Loki suit with biceps.

Actor Jonathan Majors appeared as He Who Remains, in Loki. (Photo: Screengrab/Disney Plus Hotstar)

The team praised actor Jonathan Majors, who, despite being there for 30 minutes into the finale episode, seemed like he was there in the entire DNA of the show. Tom confessed that he was looking forward to seeing Jonathan Kang don the Conqueror, in the future.

He called Loki the show “one of the biggest surprises of his life,” and Tom also had an emotional attack on the final day of shooting. On the other hand, Owen Wilson, who played Mobius, said he loved his name, which was not a superhero and had no powers, but was a simple analyst in the TVA office, which made him recognizable.

Loki is Marvel’s third show to premiere on Disney Plus Hotstar this year. (Photo: Screengrab/Disney Plus Hotstar)

Owen and Tom’s funny Shakespearean exchange around Hamlet and The Two Gentlemen of Verona, and the MCU are the highlights of Assembled: The Making of Loki. When Tom Hiddleston tells him he busted MCU into multiverse, Owne says with a grin, “It’s true!”

Assembled: The Making of Loki will be streamed on Disney Plus Hotstar in India.

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