Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain actor Saumya Tandon denies using fake ID to obtain Covid-19 vaccine

Actor Saumya Tandon has rejected reports that she used a fake ID to get the Covid-19 vaccine. According to media reports, the Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain actor used an “administrator ID card” to get the vaccine fraudulently. On Twitter, Saumya denied the buzz, asking people to “don’t believe in unverified reports and claims.”

The actor clarified that she was not using questionable drugs to get vaccinated, and said she was using proper procedures to get stabbed at a center near her home. She wrote: “Contrary to some media reports claiming that I dubiously took my first Covid vaccine dose from a facility in Thane, this is not true. I got my first shot, but from a center near my home following proper procedures. Please do not believe in unverified reports and claims.”


— Saumya Tandon (@saumyatandon) June 4, 2021

A social media user also shared the photo of the ID card she allegedly used to access the vaccine out of turn, and questioned her about it. The actor said it was “fake.”

Via a text, Saumya Tandon also told that the ID card doesn’t even have a stamp, proving it was fake. “Anyone can create such IDs using my passport photo available on Google images,” she replied, adding that since there is no authority stamp, she can’t even take any action.

Previously, Priyanka Chopra’s niece Meera Chopra had also denied allegations that she used a fake ID to purchase the vaccine.

Saumya Tandon rose to fame playing the 2006 overseas returnee Rusty Aisa Des Hai Mera. She also made her Bollywood debut with Kareena Kapoor-Shahid Kapoor starrer Jab We Met where she played Kareena’s sister Roop. After being a part of multiple fiction and non-fiction series, the actor became a worldwide sensation with her role as Anita Bhabhi in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain. She quit the show last year as she wanted to explore different avenues as an actor and was replaced by Nehha Pendse.

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