Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain’s Ammaji aka Soma Rathod says she had to gain weight to get work, old photos are going viral

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain fame Soma Rathod aka Amma Ji has entertained fans with her spot-on comedic timing. But not many know how the 37-year-old managed to get into the acting profession. While we’ve heard stories of actors going under the knife or undergoing an intense weight loss regimen, Soma had to put on a few extra pounds to get noticed by the casting directors.

After being rejected for many roles, Soma gained weight on the advice of a friend and that worked in her favor. She told ETimes: “I wasn’t very fat or very thin, I was in the middle when I auditioned for roles and visited the casting agents. Not too thin, not too fat. I didn’t meet any criteria and was rejected for that. one of my friends suggested that I gain more weight, at least I will be categorized in the list of oversized actors. Then I gained weight and went to work.”

Soma once shared a younger photo of herself looking slim on social media. Then her fans called her “beautiful” and “attractive”. Speaking of the photo, she said: “That’s my photo from when I was 20 years old and my weight was 52. I tried my luck in the entertainment industry and had done the photo shoot thinking that whatever I get, be it movies or modeling, I’ll record it.”

Now the actor, who is currently appearing in Jijaji Chhat Parr Koi Hai, is confident of getting work as the writers write characters that keep her in mind. She feels, “There are very few people in the industry who are in my competition when it comes to characters. So I have the advantage of having roles written specifically with me in mind.”

Soma is also happy with a shift in content and how actors are now cast. “There will be no discrimination, because acting is about your talent, not your appearance. What could be better than performers being cast based on their skills and not their physical appearance?” she thought.

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