Boman Irani’s mother Jerbanoo Irani passed away

Boman Irani’s mother, Jerbanoo Irani, passed away on Wednesday as a result of old age illness. She was 94. Boman Irani shared the news on Instagram. The actor lovingly told how his mother also played the role of father, as his father died just six months before his birth.

He wrote: “She played the part of both mother and father to me, since she was 32. What a ghost she was. Filled with funny stories that only she could tell. The longest arm that always dug deep into her pockets, even when there wasn’t much. When she sent me to the movies, she made sure that all the children in the compound went with me. “Don’t forget the popcorn,” she would say. She loved her food and her songs and she knew Wikipedia and Checking IMDb in a flash. Sharp, sharp, sharp, to the end.”

Boman Irani also shared the one piece of advice she gave him that will stay with him forever. He went on to write: “She used to say, ‘You’re not an actor for people to praise you. You’re just an actor to make people laugh.’ “Make people happy,” she said. Last night she asked for Malai Kulfi and some mango. She could have asked for the moon and stars if she’d wanted to. She was and always will be a star.”

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