Buy a piece of rock ‘n’ roll history with this Catskills Love Shack

Combine the best of catskills with rock ‘n’ roll sensibility, mid-century modern design, and natural beauty, wrap it in an income real estate envelope and you get Kate’s Lazy Meadow.

Offered by B-52 singer Kate Pierson and her wife, acclaimed artist Monica Coleman, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for anyone looking for large, private mountain terrain just two hours from New York City. Located on the banks of legendary Esopus Creek (an international fly fishing and tubing destination), this six and a half acre property was first built as an attached roadside motel in the 1950s, complete with gnarled pine walls and retro kitchens. Over the years Coleman and Pierson have set up nine rental units in three buildings with a colorful mix of contemporary mid-century furniture. (An additional caretaker station is located in the basement of one of the buildings.)

“Each room is its own art installation,” says broker E. Elizabeth Peters from Heather Croner Real Estate Sotheby’s International Realty.

“Kate’s Lazy Meadow was a matter close to my heart and to my wife, Monica, who has really run the business for the past 18 years,” says Kate Pierson.

“I’m going to be releasing my second solo album this year and the B-52s have some big plans in the works. We hope to pass the baton on to someone who can take full advantage of this unique property – as a wedding venue or as a family and friends complex. It’s really special, and every room has been carefully and personally curated by Monica and me – so it’s sold with all the modern retro furniture and decors – including some really amazing artwork, fully functional retro kitchens, and cozy living rooms. The real magic happens on the lazy meadow between tall pines and blue spruces on the free flowing Esopus Creek. Sit down by the campfire and you will know what relaxation really means! ”

The retro decor includes authentic renovated 1950s kitchens and original tile and ceramic art by Mayberry Walker. Outside there is a large Japanese-style hot tub and fire pit with great views of the mountains and the river.

“I love showing buyers this property and seeing their eyes open wide with joy as soon as they step into one of the cottages,” says E. Elizabeth Peters. “Every time I enter one of the rooms, I find something new and different; be it a gnome sculpture hiding behind a lamp or a UFO drawing pinned to the wall. “

Kate’s Lazy Meadow is one of three rental properties owned by Coleman and Pierson. Kate’s Lazy Cabin is also located in New York State; ‘Kate’s Lazy Desert’ is a collection of six Airstream trailers located in the high desert of California. Rock lobster? Probably not, but definitely another love shack.

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