How to Create a Landlord Rental Maintenance Strategy

5 Key Elements of an Effective Rental Maintenance Strategy

Successful landlords know the importance of maintaining maintenance. Well-maintained rental properties keep tenants happy and are cheaper to use. Having a solid maintenance strategy generally means less expensive repairs. You will also find that devices last longer. However, as any experienced landlord or landlord knows, property maintenance is a challenge. If you manage many rental … Read more

The #1 way to achieve work-life balance

Work-Life Balance Is a Lie — Here’s How to Really Stress Less

For many driven people with successful companies, the balance between work and private life does not exist. It’s not because they don’t have a desire to spend time with their families, run a killer business, and do things that excite them personally. It’s because “balance” doesn’t exist as most people think of it. It’s not … Read more

Will new homes solve the housing shortage?

Will New Housing Starts Solve the Housing Shortage?

Housing stock remains close to record lows: According to NAR, months of sales of existing homes are down 36%, from 3.3 months to 2.1 months. Now that the existing housing stock is so low, many hope that new construction can come to the rescue. If people don’t sell houses, at least new houses will come … Read more

Are You Spending Too Much Time on Low-Pay Jobs?

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 198: Finance Friday: Are You Spending Too Much Time on Low-Pay Jobs?

Many of you know that Mindy loves live-in-flips, and although she can definitely swing a hammer, she doesn’t have the skills of a finish carpenter, but today’s guests, Serafina & Darrin, do! Serafina and Darrin were both working at non-profits, but over the last year have transitioned to running their own business named Carlucci Woodworking. … Read more