Classic ‘Knight Rider’ show and movie coming to Netflix in December 2021

Knight Rider Series

Knight Rider – Image: Universal TV

The list of Netflix releases for December 2021 is now with us and one of the surprises is that Netflix will receive all four seasons of the NBC classic, knight rider with David Hasselhoff. All four seasons and the film will be released on Netflix in the United States on December 1, 2021.

For those born in the ’90s or beyond, you may not be familiar with the classic NBC show that aired between 1982 and 1986. Knight Rider starred David Hasselhoff who played the role of Michael Knight who fought the crime alongside his super advanced car, KITT.

The series was created by Glen A. Larson who began working with 20th Century Fox after the conclusion of Knight Rider. Larson is known for his great shows such as The sturdy boys, Gallactica Battle Star, and Quincy.

The series is currently available both on the NBC app in its entirety (not on Peacock, which is bizarre) and on Starz at the time of writing. It’s unclear if the series will leave these services to become exclusive on Netflix (it likely won’t).

Now the question you ask yourself is how long knight rider be on Netflix? Well, it’s not clear. We have seen many licenses granted to Netflix over shorter periods of time in recent years as vendors seek greater control over their properties. Our best guess right now is that Netflix will have the show for a year or two, but don’t be surprised if it’s shorter.

Knight Rider 2000 will also fall as part of the December 1 drop. We first reported that the movie will arrive on Netflix US on November 3.

Of course, licensing Netflix might only spark interest in a heavily spread reboot that Hasselhoff reconfirmed over the summer. The last time we officially heard of a new Knight Rider movie was in August 2020, where TJ Fixman was on board for the script and production for Spyglass Media and James Wan. Could that signal the new movie coming exclusively to Netflix? Time will tell us.

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