CW shows coming to Netflix in 2022

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Netflix mainly relies on its own productions for its content programming, but thanks to a past deal, Netflix in the US is also receiving a large collection of shows from The CW. Here’s a look at which shows from The CW will arrive on Netflix in 2022 and which will not.

For those who don’t know, for most of the 2010s, Netflix had a broad, global deal with The CW. This means that any title produced by The CW, Netflix would get said show available for streaming for the life of the show plus 5 years afterwards. This agreement is no longer in effect because ViacomCBS and Warner Brothers Television (the two studios behind The CW) have decided to end this agreement.

CW shows are not coming to Netflix

Let’s start with the selection of shows from The CW that started airing after the 2019 cutoff. In those cases, most have so far found HBO Max as their streaming home.

  • Batwoman (Season 3)
  • Kung Fu (Season 2)
  • Nancy Drew (Season 3)
  • Stargirl (Season 3)
  • Superman and Lois (Season 2)
  • Walker (Season 2)

Two shows that will debut on The CW this year with unknown streaming houses include:

CW shows coming to Netflix US in 2022

Note: We’ll briefly mention Netflix’s international availability for shows below, but for the most part, this listing is for Netflix in the US only.

Flash (Season 8)

Planned Netflix release date: May-June 2022

arrowverse flash vs arrow

Going through more than 150 episodes, Flash is still going strong as one of the last remaining Arrowverse series. The series will feature a brand new crossover event entering Season 8 with episodes expected to end faster than Season 7.

Internationally, Netflix streams weekly episodes of Flash in dozens of regions with episodes airing on Tuesday and then arriving on Netflix the following Thursday.

Legends of tomorrow (Season 7)

Planned Netflix release date: April – May 2022

In recent years, Legends of tomorrow was a midseason show, but for Season 7 (which will see the show go through 100 episodes), it is returning to its October slot. This should mean we’ll see Netflix get episodes much faster in early 2022.

Some European regions receive weekly reductions of Legends of tomorrow while other regions have been cut entirely with only the first seasons available.

Riverdale (Season 6)

Planned Netflix release date: May 2022

The divisive but incredibly popular Riverdale is back for a sixth season which began airing in November just a month after Season 5 ended.

Riverdale will notably go through Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina this season.

Almost all regions outside of the United States receive new episodes of Riverdale on a weekly basis, including in countries like the UK and Canada.

Dynasty (Season 5)

Planned Netflix release date: July – September 2022

For most seasons, Dynasty started airing every October, but although last year’s release has been pushed back to May, Season 5 is set to start airing in December, meaning it’s two months later than its return to the normal. This means that we expect Season 5 to end and then arrive on Netflix between July or September 2022.

Netflix airs the show internationally, but more on a weekly basis like it did for the first few seasons. Instead, most regions of Netflix will receive the series at the same time as the United States, as noted above.

All American (Season 4)

Planned Netflix release date: March – April 2022

All American is back to its previous schedule with new episodes on The CW starting October 25. This means that we expect the show to take place on a similar timeline as before, meaning that a March through April release date is very likely.

Other than the United States, no other region on Netflix offers All American.

Charm (Season 4)

Planned Netflix release date: August – October 2022

Charmed passes mid-season but this year by choice it seems. While seasons 1 and 2 started airing in October, season 3 has been pushed back to January, but for season 4, the show is still pushed back to March.

This means that its Netflix release date will also be pushed back.

Charm is only available on Netflix in the United States.

Heritage (Season 4)

Planned Netflix release date: April 2022

Legacies has returned to its October slot for the 21/22 season, which means we should see a return to the normal schedule. In the past, new seasons have arrived the following April and that should follow.

Despite the new Netflix license or access to The vampire diary and The originals internationally, Heritage has never been sold to Netflix internationally.

Roswell, New Mexico (Season 4)

Planned Netflix release date: Summer to October 2022

Unfortunately, it is still very uncertain when Roswell, New Mexico will return. It should be mid-season like all previous seasons, but an exact day has yet to be given. Right now all we can say for sure is that it will be on Netflix no later than October 2022, but more realistically it will be summer.

Again, only US Netflix offers Roswell, New Mexico.

In the dark (Season 4)

Planned Netflix release date: Summer 2022

in the dark season 2 new on netflix

As with Roswell, New Mexico, no specific date has yet been set for In The Dark. We expect the series to return to its April start date, which would mean Netflix will receive the fourth season sometime in the summer.

Although it is a criminally underrated and attractive show, Netflix has not secured the show for any region outside of the United States.

Horror stories in two sentences (Season 3)

Planned Netflix release date: February – March 2022

two sentence horror stories

An unknown title within The CW’s lineup is Two Sentance Horror Stories which is the network equivalent of Black mirror Where American Horror Stories.

The series is getting a third season that begins in January 2022 for what is expected to be 10 episodes.

That’s all The CW shows coming in 2022, but there will be a couple that leave. In accordance with our schedule to remove The CW titles, The vampire diary and Reign are expected to leave Netflix in 2022.

Which The CW series are you most excited to see on Netflix in 2022? Let us know in the comments below.

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