“Dogs in Space” will return for season 2 on Netflix

dogs in space return for season 2 netflix

Dogs in space – Image: Atomic Cartoons / Netflix

The latest animated series from Atomic Cartoons has just landed on Netflix with the first 10 episodes of Dogs in space. The good news is that more is on the way with 10 more episodes that will complete its initial order which is expected to arrive on Netflix soon.

The new show was released on Netflix worldwide on November 18, 2021 and tells the story of a corgi captain who seeks a new home for humanity alongside his other doggie companions. The series features the vocal talents of Haley Joel Osment, Sarah Chalke and Kimiko Glenn.

Atomic Cartoons is the originator of the series and has worked on a number of Netflix Original series for children, including powerful express, Beat the bugs, hello ninja, The last children on Earth, and Hilda.

Although the series did not make the overall top 10 in the United States, the series made an impression on the children’s top 10 which was introduced in September. The show debuted in the kids’ top 10 on November 18 in the US, securing fifth place ahead of Bella and the Bulldogs but just behind All I want for Christmas is you from Mariah Carey. The show has been in the top 10 for kids in America every day since it was number 8 through November 21.

Will there be a second season of Dogs in space on Netflix?

Yes, according to Atomic Cartoons, a second season is on the way although it hasn’t been renewed as such. Instead, when Netflix initially picked up the show, it grabbed 20 episodes of Dog in space.

The second season will consist of 10 episodes of approximately 18 minutes each.

It’s not uncommon for Netflix to order animated shows in advance. We have seen it most often with the Dreamworks series which sometimes have up to 6 seasons in advance. More recently, however, we’ve mostly seen anime projects receive an initial 2-season order. Centaurworld is a great example that received an initial order of 20 episodes with Season 1 arriving on July 30 and Season 2 slated for December 7.

When will Dogs in Space season 2 be on Netflix?

It is not clear at the moment. However, given previous initial orders, we believe it will be on Netflix sometime in 2022. We’ve seen new seasons of kids’ shows often land between 3 and 6 months apart.

For those who don’t have Netflix, you can watch Dogs in Space Episode 1 on YouTube where it currently has over 142,000 views.

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