Extraction, Bridgerton, Bird Box: Netflix’s Most Watched TV Shows and Movies

Netflix has released the updated ratings for its movies and series. The streaming giant’s numbers, shared by several publications, contain several surprises. Keep in mind that the actual numbers could be much lower, as the company counts as “display” for just over two minutes.

The list of movies usually includes crowd pleasers, projects that would have taken full advantage of the big screen. Chris Hemsworth’s action thriller Extraction leads with 99 million views. It is followed by Sandra Bullock-starrer horror film Bird Box, Mark Wahlberg’s crime-action drama Spenser Confidential, and Ryan Reynolds’ 6 Underground with 89 mn, 85 mn and 83 mn views.

Updated: Most watched series on Netflix

1. Bridgerton S1 – 82M
2. The Witcher S1 – 76M
3. Stranger Things S3 – 64M
4. Tiger King- 64M
5. The King’s Gambit – 62 Million
6. Sweet Tooth – 60M
7. Emily in Paris – 58M
8. Destiny: The Winx Saga – 57M
9. Shadow and Bone – 55M
10. You S2 – 54M pic.twitter.com/Haun4WVWpE

— What’s on Netflix (@whatonnetflix) July 20, 2021

Murder Mystery, The Old Guard, Enola Homes, and Project Power are also on the list. The newcomers are Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead (joint eighth position with Project Power) and Kevin Hart’s comedy-drama Fatherhood (tenth position).

Here’s the full list:

1. Extraction: 99 mn views

2. Bird Box: 89 Minutes Viewed

3. Spenser confidential: 85 mn views

4. 6 Underground: 83 minutes of views

5. Murder Mystery: Watched 83 Minutes

6. The Old Guard: 78 Minutes Viewed

7. Enola Holmes: 76 Minutes Viewed

8. Project Power (tie): 75 min views

8. Army of the Dead (tie): 75 minutes watched

10. Fatherhood: 74 mn views

In the list of TV shows, the first season of Bridgerton, an acclaimed historical drama set in Regency-era London, tops the list with 82 million views. Henry Cavill-led epic fantasy show The Witcher takes second place. The third season of Duffer Brothers’ 80s horror series Stranger Things, miniseries Tiger King and The Queen’s Gambit, DC Comics adaptation Sweet Tooth and others follow.

Here’s the full list:

1. Bridgerton S1: 82 Minutes Viewed

2. The Witcher S1: Watched 76 minutes

3. Stranger Things Season 3: 64 min views

4. Tiger King: Watched 64 Minutes

5. The Queen’s Gambit: 62 Minutes Viewed

6. Sweet Tooth: Watched 60 Minutes

7. Emily in Paris: 58 Minutes Viewed

8. Destiny: The Winx Saga: 57 Minutes Viewed

9. Shadow & Bone: 55 Minutes Viewed

10. You S2: 54 minutes watched

How many of these shows and movies have you seen?

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