From 4 units to 2,000 and why large apartment buildings are “not that scary”

The average journey from a Real estate investor tends to go something like this: buy a house, Use profits to reinvest in another house, buy a maisonette here and there, and buy another house another again. Does that sound like you or someone you know?

To the Feras MoussaStacking single family homes was never the goal, especially since he had to manage his first rental investments. Sometime, it becomes too difficult to scale and you’re stuck with over 30 units and over 30 renters all trying to get your attention to fix something. This is like Real estate can become more of a job than a business.

Feras knew that, so did he started in middle /large multi-family investments instead. His The first major multi-family deal was a 99-unit deal in Atlanta, Georgia. He was able to turn a neglected residential complex into a financially strong, high-quality piece of land, which he later sold for a considerable multiple. Now Feras is doing bigger deals like a More than $ 50 million apartment complex that his company Disrupt Equity and Open Door Capital work together.

When you’re too scared to jump (or even dip your toe) in larger multi-family investments, listen to Feras. It shows that it’s a lot less scary than most people think.

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In this episode we cover:

  • How one Scale your real estate investment portfolio with medium / large multi-family
  • The habits that a successful multi-family business investor developed
  • Networking and to be more than just the “calling card” person
  • Why Mastermind are a HUGE source of offers, partners, and friends
  • Insurance and how it differs from basic deal analysis
  • Using “added value”To increase property value and cash flow
  • The Red flags you should search when buying apartment buildings
  • And so much more!

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