How to Watch Every Christmas and Thanksgiving Episode “Seinfeld” on Netflix

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We celebrate SeinfeldIt’s the first Christmas on Netflix! Welcome to your guide on how to watch every Christmas and Thanksgiving episode of Seinfeld on Netflix around the world.

Seinfeld didn’t have his first Christmas episode until Season 3, and he skipped the holidays completely in Season 5. Season 6 has the only Thanksgiving episode.

Want more Christmas episodes? We’ve got all the Christmas specials covered for Office (no longer available in the United States) and Friends Christmas episodes (no longer available in the US) and will be doing more sitcoms throughout the holiday season.

The red dot

Season 3 – Episode 12

Jerry and George go to Pendant Publishing’s office Christmas party, where Elaine introduces her new boyfriend Dick, a recovering alcoholic. Jerry accidentally drops Dick from the wagon. George gets a discount on a Christmas present for Elaine because he has a flaw.

the red dot seinfeld

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the choice

Season 4 – Episode 12

The photo on Elaine’s Christmas card accidentally shows her nipple. Jerry is dating a model who thinks he sees him picking his nose. Calvin Klein steals Kramer’s idea of ​​Cologne. George tries to get back together with Susan. Newman (Wayne Knight) has a 13-second cameo in the episode.

The Mom and Pop Store

Season 6 – Episode 8

George buys a LeBaron convertible which he says belongs to actor Jon Voight. Elaine enters a contest to win a seat for her boss holding a balloon in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Tim Whatley (Bryan Cranston) – in his first episode – invites everyone except Jerry to his Thanksgiving party.

The race

Season 6 – Episode 10

Jerry is dating a woman named Lois, causing a tonne of Superman references throughout the episode. Lois’ boss wants to redo a race he lost to Jerry in high school. Elaine is blacklisted by a Chinese restaurant. Her boyfriend’s Communist literature influences George and Kramer, who do propaganda while working as Santa Claus in a department store.


Season 7 – Episode 10

Kramer renovates a theater with Lloyd Braun (Matt McCoy), recently recovered from a nervous breakdown. George thinks he was cheated on by the cashier at Monk’s Cafe. The episode features Jon Voight’s convertible, featured in “The Mom and Pop Store”. Kramer sums up the Christmas season this way: “Now that’s what the holidays are: three friends, sitting around a piece of chewing gum. “

The Andrea Doria

Season 8 – Episode 10

It’s the least Christmas of by Seinfeld Christmas episodes. In an offer for a new apartment, George tries to generate more sympathy than his competitor, a shipwreck survivor. Elaine comes out with a bad puzzle. Jerry takes Newman’s postal route. Kramer treats his cough with dog medicine and begins to behave like an animal.

andrea doria netflix

Image: Images from Sony TV


Season 9 – Episode 10

Elaine accidentally gives her free sandwich card to a moron (Kevin McDonald from Children in the room) that she meets at Tim Whatley’s Hanukkah party, where Jerry meets a woman who looks ugly in certain lighting. George invents a bogus charity called The Human Fund to avoid giving Christmas presents to the office. The gang participates in the vacation of Frank Costanza: Festivus!

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