Italian superhero series “Zero” canceled on Netflix; Will not be returning for season 2

Italian superhero series zero canceled on netflix

Zero – Image: Netflix

Italian superhero series Zero will not return for a second season according to Italian press reports. After only eight episodes, we will not see the return of Omar.

Debuting on Netflix globally in April 2021, the series was one of the biggest series produced outside of Italy. Some of the other largest series in the region to date have included Suburra: Blood on Rome, Babe, and Curon.

Giuseppe Dave Seke made the front page of the show as Zero, a teenager with the ability to become invisible. He uses power while mingling with a local gang trying to rule the neighborhood.

The first season certainly paved the way for a second by the end of the relatively short 8 episodes. Season 2 ended with a big cliffhanger that directly sets up a season 2 but as we now know that will not come to pass.

Why was Zero canceled at Netflix?

The series’ cancellation was first announced in mid-September 2021 after an interview with Tinny Andreatta. Andreatta is the head of Netflix Italy after joining the streamer after a successful career with national broadcaster RAI in June 2020.

The interview was done with Repubblica and covered a lot of topics, including comparing her role with Rai, as well as Netflix’s plans in the region.

One of the topics of the interview was about Zero, where Andreatta announced that there would be no second season by saying (translated via Google Translate):

“We are happy with the results in terms of communication and content but he had fewer fans than expected, there will be no second season.”

zero netflix

Zero – Image: Netflix

The top 10 give us a good overview of what we’re talking about here. Usually, you’d expect a show to last a period in the top 10 for it to be worthy of a renewal enough.

In Italy, the series only managed to stay in the overall top 10 for 12 days while it remained in the specific top 10 for around 18 days according to data from FlixPatrol. Usually, we see renewed shows staying in the top 10 in their home country for at least 28 days.

Reviews were generally in the middle of the series with a 5.7 on IMDb for example.

Would you have liked to see Zero back for a second season at Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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