Malayalam actor Remya Suresh bursts out in morphed video

Malayalam actor Remya Suresh took to her Facebook to share her complaint about an alleged pornographic video, which is falsely attributed to her. Remya said she was mortified when a friend informed her about a video circulating on the internet.

The actor said she was shocked to see that the girl in the video looked a lot like her. “Surprisingly, her features match mine. People who know me well can tell the difference if they look closely. But I’m afraid others won’t see the difference,” she said.

Remya Suresh noted that a complaint had been lodged with the Chief Inspector of Police in Alappuzha and the cyber cell. “I know I’m not the person in the video. And my husband also shares my confidence, which gives me courage. And police officers were also very supportive of me. And they promised to do everything they could to help me. And they even collected the details of the person who shared the video. I was confident and feeling brave when I got home. But I get a lot of messages on my Facebook page. I’m afraid of what I’ll tell my friends if they call me after seeing that video. Because the girl in the video looks like me at first glance,” she said.

Remya said that thanks to her supportive family, she is coping with this unfortunate incident. The actor also shared how the lives of many innocent people have been ruined by such mischief. “I got to where I am today without making any compromises. So please don’t think of me like that and message me,” she said.

Remya Suresh said she will continue to pursue the case legally.

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