NBC’s ‘Manifest’ Coming to Netflix US on June 10th, 2021

Manifesto Image: Warner Brothers Television

Great news for those who love your network television coming to Netflix. Several seasons of the NBC series manifest are expected to come to Netflix in the US on Thursday, June 10, 2021.

Created by Jeff Rake, who is behind it Laura’s secrets, manifest started showing on NBC in late 2018. Three seasons later that The future of the show is in jeopardy Having a fourth season is one of the few remaining to be confirmed by NBC for a fall 2021 release.

The supernatural drama follows a group of passengers and crew who go missing but suddenly reappear after five years.

Cast includes Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, JR Ramirez, Luna Blaise and Jack Messina.

While Netflix only lists “seasons” that are coming to Netflix, not which seasons are coming. We’re currently assuming only seasons 1 and 2 will be added, but since season 3 airs on NBC on June 10 (the same day Netflix gets the show) it could be all three. Check out our What’s New on Netflix section tomorrow to find out more.

As mentioned earlier, the show has season 4 has yet to be confirmed. Deadline spoke to Warner Brothers Television group chairman Channing Dungey last month, who said they would “love the show’s sequel on NBC” and “we are still in conversation with NBC and cross our fingers” The show was initially set up with a six-season arc.

The show is produced and distributed by Warner Brothers Television, which rarely licenses its network shows to Netflix anymore, with much of its focus and efforts being directed towards bolstering HBO Max’s lineup.

So, if you want to jump to conclusions about what this means, here are a few guesses. The licensing effort for Netflix could be an attempt to get the audience for manifest in an effort to make the show more attractive to NBC for an extension or, of course, directing the show to Netflix, who will take control. It could mean the chances of a renewal of the show are over, but that’s all speculation right now and we just have to see how the next few weeks and months play out manifest.

Currently only Netflix is ​​planned in the US manifest and it was not included in the original June 2021 statement for the month.

Are you looking forward to manifest Are you coming to Netflix tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below.

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