Netflix K-Drama ‘Vincenzo’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status and Release Date

Vincenzo – Copyright. Studio dragon

The most popular K-drama on Netflix in 2021 last ended in early May. Since the finale, fans have been waiting eagerly for news about the renewal of the K-Drama. Unfortunately, it seems very unlikely that Vincenzo will return for a second season on Netflix.

Vincenzo is a hugely popular Netflix original comedy K-drama series created by Studio Dragon and written by Park Jae Bum.

At the age of eight, Park Ju Hyeong is adopted by an Italian family and raised in Italy by the Cassono Mafia family and renamed Vincenzo Cassono. After the death of the head of the criminal family, Vincenzo has to flee back to Seoul and tries to recover the 1.5 tons of gold that are hidden under Geumga Square and illegally taken away by the Babel group.

Vincenzo Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (6/8/2021)

At the time of writing, no plans are known for Vincenzo return to Netflix for a second season.

Since the series is an internationally licensed original, Netflix is ​​not 100% in favor of renewing. responsible Vincenzowhich means that the renewal will ultimately be left to the South Korean cable network tvN.

Unfortunately, that is very unlikely Vincenzo will return for a second season. Thankfully, this has nothing to do with the show’s performance since Vincenzo was one of the most popular K-Dramas on Netflix in 2021 and is now the now 9th highest rated Korean cable drama in history.

The lack of renewal will be due to the fact that a second season was never in the works for the first time Vincenzo actor Soon Joong-Ki was referring to an interview with Jazmine Media:

Nothing has been said about season 2 yet. Personally, I’m glad a lot of people want Season 2 out, but realistically, it’s not coming out, and I don’t think there has ever been any discussion of Season 2 internally.

When a second season is planned, we often hear that there are several seasons in the works before the first season comes out. Hospital playlist, another tvN drama, is the perfect example as we knew in advance that the series would be returning for season 2.

Some of the cast have expressed their desire to see a second one of Vincenzo’s, and given the series’ popularity, we can never say never.

Is the story of Vincenzo Do you need a second season?

Some fans were a little dismayed that Vincenzo remained open ended.

Vincenzo / Park Joo-Hyung was able to take revenge at the head of the Babel group, but had to flee to the island of Malta to avoid the wrath of the remaining Babel group members.

The consigliere was able to recover the 1.5 tons of gold, but before he fled to Malta, Vincenzo left the gold in the possession of Hong Cha-Young.

With the story left a bit open, this makes the perfect reason to return for a second season sometime in the future.

Vincenzo kiss

Fans want to see Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young together – Image: Vincenzo – Copyright. Studio dragon

When could we see a second season of? Vincenzo on Netflix?

If we’re lucky enough to ever see a second season of Vincenzo, we’re going to wait a considerable amount of time for it to hit Netflix.

It will be several weeks or months before screenwriter Park Jae Bum writes a new script and story for the second season. But the biggest complication that stands in the way of Season 2’s production depends on actor Song Joong-Ki’s schedule. At the time of writing, Song Joong Ki is working on two projects, the first being the jTBC drama The youngest son of a conglomerate. And the second project is the highly anticipated second season of Chronicles of Arthdal.

arthdal ​​chronicles song joon ki

Song Joong Ki in Chronicles of Arthdal – Copyrights ©. Studio dragon

If production can hold Song Joong Ki on for a second season, we’d expect the K-drama to arrive in either late 2022 or the first half of 2023.

Would you like a second season of. see? Vincenzo on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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