Netflix Original Shows Canceled So Far in 2021

Netflix cancellations are two words that Netflix show fans never like to hear. A number of high profile Netflix shows were canceled in 2021, so here is an updated list of the shows that were canceled so far in 2021.

If you want to see all of the major cancellations by 2021, we have a cancellation bible listing most of the Netflix cancellations between 2013 and 2020.

An important distinction we’ll make below is when shows are canceled and just not completed and others that are extended for the final seasons so that they can end with a specific description. While you might argue that the result is the same, we’ll categorize them separately anyway.

We also need to consider Netflix’s ghost cancellations. We’ve documented them in the past where the show simply disappears from the radar with no announcement of its future. Shows in this category include Cursed Season 2, Letter to the king Season 2, The innocent Season 2 and countless others.

Full list of canceled Netflix shows from 2021

Jupiter’s legacy

Number of days in the US Top 10: 26 days
Number of days in the UK Top 10: 22 days

Jupiter's Legacy S2 what to expect

The big first entry for Millarworld on Netflix was canceled after a rather rocky first entry thanks to a variety of issues. While the cancellation of Jupiter’s Legacy wasn’t exactly heralded as a cancellation, it won’t be returning for Season 2.

There are plenty of other Millarworld titles for Netflix, though it’s tough to beat the Fa to argue

La revolution

Number of days in the US Top 10: 1 day
Number of days in France Top 10: 26 days

la revolution netflix canceled

One of the biggest Netflix original series from France is the action drama series from that era La revolution which unfortunately didn’t do enough to warrant a second season.


Number of days in the US Top 10: 2 days
Number of days in Mexico Top 10: 27 days

monarca netflix

The creators of this Mexican Spanish-language series said on Instagram that Netflix had decided against an extension Monarca for a third season and it seems that they were not officially informed of a cancellation, but came to the results themselves.

The Duchess

Number of days in the US Top 10: 0
Number of days in UK Top 10: 12th

the duchess netflix

The cancellation was announced on a podcast in which the lead role for this British comedy revealed that The Duchess wouldn’t return for season 2 on Netflix.

However, Katherine Ryan did reveal how many people watched the show, saying it had around 10 million viewers. We’ll assume this is the 2 minute metric.

The irregulars

Number of days in the US Top 10: 18 days
Number of days in UK Top 10: 27 days

canceled the irregular at netflix

After just one season The irregulars was shown the door on Netflix despite generally strong reviews and was considered part of Netflix’s great foray into the Sherlock Holmes universe.

The series is cited for beating a successful Marvel show in the Nielsen Top 10 in the US, but even that wasn’t enough to keep it going.

Final Seasons shows announced

Money robbery, Lost in space, The Kominsky method, After the live, Grace & Frankie and countless others are expected to finish their runs in 2021, but below we will only count Netflix shows that have been announced for 2021.

Selena: The Series (Season 2)

Selena the series part 2 May 2021

This may not come as a surprise considering that at some point they would run out of history to cover it up. It was announced by Netflix that only 18 episodes of the show are to be released.

Special (Season 2)

special Netflix season 2 cancellation cancel

It could be argued that this is an outright cancellation, as it was announced that the expanded second season would end the comedy series long after its original renewal.

Even if it’s an apparent reversal because the show ends with a final season, it ends up on this list.

The last kingdom (Season 5)

the last kingdom finals season netflix

The big show announced to end is the BBC co-production which became the full Netflix original show. The last kingdom. The expensive and lavish drama adapted the books by Bernard Cornwells The Saxon Stories.

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