On SP Balasubrahmanyam 75th birthday, recalling the legend with his timeless concert. Check it out here

The singing great SP Balasubrahmanyam would have turned 75 today. The legendary singer, who died of a coronavirus infection last September, has left a huge treasure trove of timeless songs for his fans. For many, he is the music itself – a man who sang more than 40,000 songs in 16 languages. It was his silken voice that many remember as lullabies, his songs played in our heads when our hearts learned to love for the first time and it is the music we listened to when we faced heartbreak. His songs are eternal.

It was especially joyous to see SPB perform at concerts. He really let his hair down and showed us the kind of camaraderie, and mutual respect and admiration that he shared with his fellow singers and musicians. His Voice of Legends concert contains so many wonderful moments and memorable anecdotes, which lift our spirits on several fronts. The best way to celebrate his birthday is to watch this amazing musician do what he does best.

In this video we see SPB making a few jokes at the expense of his co-singer KS Chithra. He also imitates her so gracefully.

As the soulful renditions of classical songs restore our hearts and minds, his playfulness makes us smile and his grand stature, deeply rooted in humility, teaches us a very valuable lesson. Unfailingly generous, supportive and humble, SPB was also a noted philanthropist and a mentor to many aspiring singers and composers.

The implacable humanity of SPB will always be one of the most important things that defined his glorious legacy. His signature childlike enthusiasm sprang from his seemingly never-ending stream of gratitude.

SPB never took his success for granted, always remained a student of life and music, which was one of the reasons for a long life as a playback singer. He showed great reverence for his seniors, he was generous in his praise of young singers and composers, and he was in an eternal state of gratitude that he was able to earn a living and make a name for himself by singing his heart out for about five decades.

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