‘Peaky Blinders’ production company working on mysterious new Netflix project

Peaky Blinders Producers Netflix Project

Peaky Blinders – Image: BBC

In January 2018, three of the main producers of the BBC’s hit show, Peaky Blinders, launched their own production company which has since produced several hit shows for various platforms, but thanks to production lists and a few others. places, it looks like they’re going to bring their next project to Netflix.

Details on the Netflix project are incredibly slim right now, but given the caliber of the production company behind the series, we thought it would be worth bringing you the news.

As you may know, Will Gould, Matthew Read, and Frith Tiplady all worked on the hit show Peaky Blinders which will soon be returning for its sixth season on the BBC and then ultimately on Netflix worldwide. They formed their own production company Moonage Pictures in January 2018.

Since the production company started they have released several shows including Sky One’s Curfew with Sean Bean, The pursuit of love for the BBC (Amazon outside the UK), and Intergalactic who also went to Sky One.

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Moonage Pictures shows

So let’s get into their Netflix project which currently has the code name PROJECT IV. Do not look too far into the name of the project as it simply refers to the company’s fourth major project and it should be noted that most references to the project simply refer to PROJECT IV as a pilot suggesting that the show has not yet been fully chosen. by Netflix.

Beyond the code name of the project, some production listings refer to the project as an “adaptation of a graphic novel”. It’s unclear if this is a graphic novel that Netflix has access to like Dark Horse, Millarworld, Boom Studios, or something original.

According to ProductionWeekly, Susie Liggat will be the producer on the project. Liggat has worked on a number of major TV projects in the past, including Giri / Haji which was a BBC and Netflix co-production (which unfortunately didn’t have a second season), PBS’s Little woman, and Amazon Courage.

Paul Tomalin is on board to write according to the production listings and his profile page on The Agency. Tomalin worked on No violation, The Frankenstein Chronicles, Torchwood, and Shameless.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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