So Not Worth It Trailer: Netflix’s Campus Sitcom Offers Love, Laughter and Chaos

June just got better for K-drama fans. Netflix has released an on-campus sitcom, So Not Worth It, and it promises to be the exact opposite of its title. The trailer shows students trying to enjoy college life, while having countless escapades along the way. We are introduced to the main characters, including Park Se Wan (played by Park Se Wan) who is described as “hard as nails” and essentially teases foreign students. Of course there’s no show without a heartthrob, and here we have Jamie, who just came out of the US and all the girls in college fall for him. Jamie is played by Shin Hyun Seong, who made his 2021 debut in Be My Boyfriend. When he enters the college, the girls say that he looks exactly like the protagonist Kim Soo-Hyun from the popular K-drama My Love From The Star.

But that is not everything. We have Youngjae from GOT7, who plays the part of Sam. And then there’s Minnie from (G)I-DLE, who carries her own name. She’s a big fan of K-drama and we see her binge on Crash Landing On You, the show that is every romantic fan’s favorite. There’s a lot of raucous laughter, maybe some toilet humor, romance brewing, while Minnie seems interested in researching who exactly Jamie is interested in.

We have been promised trouble is just around the corner, although we don’t know exactly what it is and who is causing it. Hyun Min is also dorm-less at one point in the trailer. At the end of the teaser, we see Hyun Min walking in with a baby, and Minnie nervously asking if that’s his child or not.

In the trailer, we can discover a lot more than just college events, as the question of Korean identity often surfaces. Hyun Min is played by Han Hyun Min, who is considered a foreigner and angrily replies, “What? I’m Korean. Speak Korean.”

There is endless fun and games and we can’t wait to watch. So Not Worth It will be released on Netflix on June 18.

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