Stop creating your own barriers to investment

Raising capital is not easy if you are just starting out. How should one 20% less for a propertylet alone several when trying to add to your portfolio. That was the predicament Justin Munk was in until he found out about it BRRRR strategy. In implementing the BRRRR strategy, Justin a Fraction of the money he needed as a down payment to get a renovated, sought-after rental property.

Justin invests over 1,000 miles away in Ohio and remotely manages all of its rehab activities. Most investors would move away from remote rehab facilities, but Justin has so many “Separation of powers“That he feels safe doing it. His rehab has to go through a Inspector, contractor and Leasing manager before they hit the market. This gives Justin the extreme confidence that he is rehabilitating a property for the highest rent with the least amount of headache for management.

Justin gives some valuable advice to new investors struggling with analytical paralysis: Don’t sabotage your own listings by finding problems in every property!

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