The Family Man 2: Five times when JK got schooled about Tamil Nadu

Jayavant Kasinath Talpade of Sharib Hashmi, or JK, as he prefers to be called, played a very important role in the second season of The Family Man. In addition to Shrikant Tiwari’s trusted colleague who helps him stop a major attack on Indian soil, he also vouched for much of the population, whose knowledge of South India depends solely on the images they see in mindless, large stars, multi – crore Bollywood movies.

JK and his penchant for explanatory conversations with his work buddy Srikant Tiwari have been a major source of humor in the show since season one. However, the showrunners, Raj and DK, use this character in the final season to debunk a few clichés so that people don’t assume that everyone in Tamil Nadu is walking around and calling each other “yenna rascala.”

And you can’t totally blame JK. He means well. But he is a bit fooled by the Bollywood representation into believing that he knows enough to get by easily in Tamil Nadu. He receives a cultural shock when he soon learns that Tamil Nadu’s Bollywood stereotypes are far removed from reality. Thanks to his colleagues Muthu Pandian (Ravindra Vijay) and Umayal, JK would return home a changed man.

Five times JK was schooled by Muthu

When Muthu offers to take the team to a hotel, JK gets excited and says, “I love South Indian food!” Muthu asks him about his food choice, “What South Indian food?”

JK is a little confused. Muthu explains, “There are five states in South India.”

In another scene, Srikant Tiwari takes a swipe at his teammate for failing to finish an important report in time. JK jumps in and asks his colleague to fasten his belts. But he’s using another stereotype when he tells his co-worker, “Hey, Rascala. Have a coffee, stay alert, and get to work?”

Muthu confronts him again: “That’s right, JK. Tamil Nadu means drinking filter coffee and calling everyone yennada rascala, right?”

Ravindra Vijay in The Family Man 2 (Photo: Amazon Prime Video) On more than one occasion, JK uses the term “thambi” to address help. Muthu tells him to call the man by his name.

JK and Tiwari search for clues that would lead them to Chellam. They are at a fish market and ask people there for some information. And JK childishly asks, “What, Hindi doesn’t work here?” And this time it didn’t take a native to burst his bubble.

Tiwari replies, “Just because you speak Hindi doesn’t mean the whole world does.”

A still from The Family Man 2 (Picture: Amazon Prime Video)

JK likes coffee. To be more specific, filter coffee. And he tells that to everyone he meets. He tells Umayal (Devadarshini), “I like filter coffee”, hoping his devotion to coffee will earn him some goodwill. She refuses the drink and says, “No coffee. No tea.” Later that night, when everyone gathers to relax after a long day with drinks, JK makes another wrong assumption. He asks Umayal, ‘You don’t even drink coffee and tea. Shall I ask for lemonade?” And with a deadpan expression she says: ‘whiskey’.

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