The Family Man creators in season three: Always knew where we were going, tackling Covid-19

Like the first season, The Family Man 2 ended on a cliffhanger. Will Suchi (Priya Mani) finally tell Srikant (Manoj Bajpayee) what really happened in Lonavala? Will Covid-19 be an integral part of Family Man’s third season? Will the new TASC mission move to the northeast while another deadly mission is on the way? spoke to the makers of The Family Man 2 – creators Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK, writer Suman Kumar and co-director Suparn Varma – to find some answers.

While the creators insisted they had yet to write the third season, Raj revealed that the idea for the follow-up has been around since they wrote The Family Man season 2 a few years ago. “The story was always there. Not that particular scene (the last series), but the idea of ​​where the show is going was always there, even when we were writing season two. As we discussed season two, we discussed other ideas that will come later. So we knew where it was going, what world it was going to focus on, and what kind of stuff was going to go into it,” he said.

The final scene of The Family Man Season 2 was set against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic and the nationwide lockdown that followed. It depicts a mysterious person sitting in Kolkata getting ready for a Chinese mission to Guan Yu, which is likely to hit the northeast of the country. Raj shared how the scene was shot separately because they were confident they would tackle the pandemic in the upcoming season, but not if they were going to dig deep into its impact.

“The scene was shot later. It was representative of where we would go and where we might not go later. The idea is to tease a little. Now that there are fans of the show, it’s nice to do a teaser. I’m sure we’re going to deal with it a little bit (the Covid-19 situation), sure, but if it gets little or a lot, we’ll have to sit down and write,” the director continued.

While Srikant Tiwari successfully completes his last mission and kills Raji (Samantha Akkineni) in the final episode, he is an exhausted man with death seemingly weighing him down. When asked if this is the mood Srikant will carry into the next season, Raj said all they know at this point is that they will remain authentic to the character and the challenges Srikant now faces.

‘I don’t know we should write it. The idea is to stay true to what’s to come,’ he said, to which Suparn Varma hinted that it won’t be an easy ride for Srikant either way, as his personal life is about to unravel. “We have teased another emotion with the Srikant and Suchi scene in the kitchen. So there is a big bomb waiting to explode anyway.”

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