The Kapil Sharma Show returns, Bharti Singh confirms all performers had to pay: ‘Everyone felt the pinch’

The entertainment industry is still reeling from the pandemic — recordings were canceled, sponsors withdrew, channels slashed their budgets, and artists faced pay cuts and even out of work. According to reports, Bharti Singh, who currently hosts Dance Deewane 3, has been given a 70 percent cut and also only 50 percent of her usual fee for the upcoming season of The Kapil Sharma Show.

While not commenting on the exact numbers, the comedian confessed that she was trying to negotiate, but thought about the recent times and decided to accept the discount. Bharti added that everyone is trying to get back on their feet, and she hopes everything will be okay soon. The set of The Kapil Sharma Show is being finalized so the team can resume shooting soon.

“I think everyone felt the sticking point when they were asked for a pay cut, and I was no exception. I also negotiated a lot about it. However, when I looked back on the past time and what has happened in the past year, I realized I remember it’s a kaam band ho gaya hai (work has stopped). TV and shows ko sponsor nahi mil rahe hain toh channels kahaan se paisa laayein (how do channels get money when there are no sponsors),” Bharti told TOI.

The “queen of laughter,” as she is affectionately known, added that it is her way of giving back to the people she has worked with over the years. She also added that she believes the technicians should be paid in full even if artists don’t. “Itne saal hum ek channel par kaam karte hain aur who hamaari har kost Maante hain, toh aaj jab woh saamne se help Maang rahe hain toh mujhe nahi lagta hai ki kisi bhi artiste ne mana kiya hoga (They listened to us and fulfilled all our requests and demands when it went well. Now that they ask for help, I don’t think anyone will say no). I know sabke paise cut rahe hain. I feel jo set pe technicians hain, unke paise nahi cut nahi karne chahiye. We work together and do our best to keep our heads above water. So I don’t think anyone had a problem taking a pay cut.”

Bharti Singh recalls the past months and said there was a time when everyone was sitting at home after the shooting stopped. She added that she would wonder when work would resume and would even be okay to cut her compensation as everyone had to run their house.

The Kapil Sharma Show team recently shot for a promo and also got vaccinated before hitting the floor. Sharing her excitement about the comeback, Bharti said it was important because people need something to laugh about: “We are returning after almost seven months. Aise pandemic mein comedy shows aane chahiye.”

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