The power of self-education in the real estate industry

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Many brokers are tech savvy but don’t have the personal touch that is so important to dealing with people. We are all different, but we can all benefit from deepening our knowledge and developing our skills through self-education and reading.

For some, it makes sense to continue your education, but for most professionals who already have a full-time job or run a business, reading is an inexpensive and easy way to develop yourself. If you are not a great reader, I recommend reading books that interest you first. When you force yourself to read a book that doesn’t appeal to you, it becomes more difficult to accept reading as a daily practice. It’s easier to develop the habit of reading consistently when you’re excited about your book choice. You can start with smaller books that are no shortage of in the business and personal development genres. These writers know that professionals are short on time, so a great book doesn’t have to be a long book.

It takes discipline to bring yourself to read a book that doesn’t immediately grab your attention, and if you try to pull your way through a long book that doesn’t interest you, you will not succeed. That’s not to say that you won’t benefit from reading books that you find boring. I’ve read books by dozens of authors whose writing didn’t appeal to me. But it was well worth my time to read. I always take at least one jewel from every book. You may even want to read only certain sections of some books because you want specific information and the entire book is not relevant. It all depends on the genre and topic.

As you immerse yourself in reading, you’ll also discover books that you don’t want to put down and can’t wait to read again. As a result, your world can begin to transform from within. Perhaps you will experience “aha” moments that trigger a new understanding of the subject.

How do you know which books to read? It can be overwhelming when faced with thousands of books to choose from. In my experience, the best way to find great books is to follow the authors who have already inspired you. You will likely begin to see a pattern in the books you read and the people who write them. If you’re interested in another person’s business or opinion, you may also be interested in the subjects of the books they read. Of course, if you’re a dedicated reader, you can also talk to others about the books you read and get word of mouth that way.

I recommend that you keep your balance in your reading choices. Real estate professionals are considered entrepreneurs. We set our own hours and get paid based on our results. Keeping up with trends and forecasts is critical if you want to be at the forefront of the field.

However, in order to develop a wide range of knowledge, I encourage you to read various topics such as psychology, self-help, communication, history, autobiographies, and spiritual texts. Personally, I like to read at least one real estate book every quarter to keep up with current industry developments.

If you’ve tried to read more and failed, chances are you have a pile of books waiting for your attention at home. Here are my top tips to take the time to start or expand your reading routine.

• Cancel cable television.

• Limit the use of mobile devices and all devices.

• Block time in your schedule every day.

• Integrate reading into other activities by listening to audiobooks.

The point is, you can be born with a great mind, but great mind also requires cultivation. Success doesn’t usually come overnight; it takes time and dedication. Twenty years is a magical number when we talk about any remarkable person who achieves their ultimate goals. On the path to success, they tend to influence their industries. This is not a coincidence. If you focus on learning what is relevant to achieving your goals, evolution is inevitable. The trick is to create the best environment for yourself to succeed.

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