Third A Quiet Place film in production, to debut in March 2023

Paramount Pictures is working on a third film in the horror thriller franchise A Quiet Place. According to Variety, Mud director Jeff Nichols will direct and write the new film, based on an idea by John Krasinski, who directed and co-wrote the first two films. The third installment is in early development and is billed as a spin-off that expands on the post-apocalyptic world introduced in the first two films.

Michael Bay, Andrew Form, Brad Fuller and Krasinski are producing the project, and Allyson Seeger is the executive producer. A Quiet Place Part II, which opened in the US on May 31, stars Krasinski, Emily Blunt and Millicent Simonds.

The film, which was set to open in March 2021 before theaters closed, was the first major film this year to be shown exclusively in cinemas.

The horror sequel opened over Memorial Day weekend for a pandemic best USD 48.4 million, according to studio estimates. It has also received positive response from critics. The critical consensus reads: “A nerve-racking sequel to its predecessor, A Quiet Place Part II expands the franchise’s terrifying world without losing heart.”

The film sees the Abbot family, who were terrorized by sound-hunting creatures in the 2018 original film, venturing into the post-apocalyptic outer world where they realize the creatures were just one of the threats that awaited them.

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