Use partners to scale and kill with Airbnbs

We usually have two hosts and one guest, but today we have three hosts, one of whom happens to be a guest as well. We welcome Tony J. Robinson, Host of the Larger bags Real Estate Rookie Podcast, to the show! Tony has built a respectable following due to his impressive performance short-term rental portfolio, his fast scaling possible, and his voice made for the radio.

Tony grew up with real estate around him. His father had one Wholesale company, and when it closed, his dad informed Tony that his The biggest mistake was not keeping any of the wholesale offers as rentals. With that advice in mind, Tony saw an opportunity to fix things Rental properties in Louisiana. This gave him an introduction to Real estate financing, and after several successful deals, he decided to dive headfirst.

Now Tony has Short term rentals in Tennessee and Joshua Tree. He has started several partnerships and talks about the benefits of reliable, trustworthy partners as well how to avoid toxic partnerships that will prevent you from scaling. He also shares his free and easy way to find out if a short-term rental market is working.

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In this episode we cover:

  • The importance of having Cash flow passive income
  • Why you should Never treat a rental apartment like your primary residence
  • Shopping in markets that go strong depending on tourism
  • How to do one strong, stable and reliable partnership
  • The Risk vs. Income from Short Term Rentals
  • Real estate investment over a distance as a rookie investor
  • And so much more!

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