‘Virgin River’ Season 3: Netflix Release Date, Behind the Scenes Shots & What To Expect

Virgin River – Image: Netflix

Jungfrau River Season 3 is expected to be released on Netflix on July 9, 2021. While we wait for snaps and a trailer for the show, here’s a full guide to what we know about Virgin River’s third (and fourth) season.

Fast catching up for everyone who is not familiar Jungfrau River. The feel-good series is a mixture of an ABC and a Hallmark show with a feel-good story, down-to-earth characters and excellent acting and writing. The first season of Jungfrau River fell on December 6th, while the second season just released on November 27th.

The series remains incredibly popular and made it to the Netflix top 10 in most regions of the world, although it eventually disappeared from the top 10 in early January 2021.

Virgin River popularity overtime on Netflix

Virgin River Season 2 Popularity Chart

Jungfrau River Season 3 renewal status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Officially renewed (Last update: December 18, 2020)

The first we heard about season 3 Jungfrau River was back in July 2020 when we received a production list confirming that Season 3 was not only in development but should go into production from August 2020 to December 2020.

However, it wasn’t until December 18 that Netflix gave the official thumbs up for season 3 (although filming had already started). The announcement came with a couple of other goodies that we included below.

Netflix Queue contained a video in addition to the announcement of the third season.

Before the renewal, the most compelling evidence that filming had actually started was when the two main cast posted a video saying the new season “will be released in 7 days”. You can See the couple on a movie set.

However, filming for the series was reported back in September 2020. On September 7, 2020, a Twitter user named Jen Eggleston stumbled upon a production ad on Cleveland Dam. It is noteworthy that the notice actually lists 2019 in the daily schedule, even though the actual days match the dates for 2020.

Virgin River Season 3 Production Announcement

Virgin River Season 3 Production Announcement – Image: Jen_Eggleston / Twitter

Further directions for shooting were seen at the end of September 2020.

Based on the production plans of previous years, we speculate that filming for Season 3 has indeed been completed and that the long process of editing, localizing (including dubbing for other languages) and preparing for release has now begun.

Who is the cast for? Jungfrau River Season 3?

Aside from the return of the core cast, we already have a new cast for Season 3.

The recurring cast confirmed for Season 3 includes Martin Henderson, Alexandra Breckenridge, Jenny Cooper, Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey, Tim Matheson, Benjamin Hollingsworth, and Colin Lawrence.

The first new casting we’ve heard so far is Jasmine Vega, who can be seen as Stella from season 3. Vega has appeared in titles like Netflix Chilled adventures from Sabrina as Lizzie and DCs Legends of Tomorrow.

In addition to the renewal, Netflix itself introduced two new actors.

This includes Zibby Allen (The Lightning), who will appear in all 10 episodes as Brie, who is Jack’s sister who is a lawyer by profession.

Stacey Farber (Degrassi: The next generation) will play Lilly’s daughter Tara Anderson.

New cast members for Virgin River Season 3

Left: Zibby Allen – Right: Stacey Farber

Some of the other minor cast members who will debut in Season 3 are:

  • Kerën Burkett as a nurse in the emergency room
  • Jessie Liang as Dr. Benson
  • Janet Walmsley as Mrs. Gardner

In May 2021 we received the news that Kai Bradbury will appear in season 3 as Denny, who will be visiting along with Tara (see above) Jungfrau River. Kai Bradbury is known for Warigami, The terror and Motherland: Fort Salem.

Kai Bradberry Season 3 Virgin River

Kai Bradberry in Season 3 of Virgin River

What to expect from Jungfrau River season 3

Before we dive into spoiler territory for season 2 (please check out season 2 before reading this), it’s important to note that the series itself is based on the novel franchise, which doesn’t offer the writers a shortage of material 21 novels strong.

Well, the big cliffhanger in season 3 is going to happen to Jack. As season two draws to a close, Mel enters the bar and finds Jack with a gunshot wound and slowly bleeding on the floor. The other question, of course, is who shot Jack.

We have five suspects:

  • Brady
  • Calvin
  • Charmaine
  • Vince
  • And most likely, Jamie

How NetflixLife Notes, the series bringing back Martin Henderson means Jack is almost certainly alive, but what kind of condition he will be in remains to be seen.

Beyond the main story arc, we need to know what happens to Preacher. Had plans to go Jungfrau River, seems to be constantly being prevented from going with Paige’s son Christopher, who is now dependent on him.

What happens in Mel and Jack’s relationship will also be a controversial topic as Jack is about to become a father.

Hope and Doc seem to be a happy couple again, while everyone’s fingers crossed that Lizzie and Ricky can put things right in season 3 as well.

Benjamin Hollingsworth, who plays Brady on the show, responded recently on an Instagram post say we can expect great things from season 3 saying:

“I wear a hard hat to protect myself from all the twists and turns of the Season 3 bombing. I hope you are all ready for it. “

When will Jungfrau River Season 3 released on Netflix?

The season three release was announced on May 28, just hours after we posted about Netflix France’s accidentally let the cat out of the bag a little early.

All new episodes for Jungfrau River Season 3 is slated for release on July 9, 2021.

No trailer as of June 9, 2021 and we expect it to arrive either the week of June 14 or June 21, but for now, here are some new behind-the-scenes snaps for season 3 of Jungfrau River.

Will there be a season 4 of Jungfrau River on Netflix?

The answer to that is apparently yes! As we reported, the show’s fourth season is set to begin in due course, which means we could see season four in 2022.

Are you looking forward to season 3 of Jungfrau River on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below. While you wait, check out our other suggestions on how to see this Jungfrau River on Netflix.

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