What’s Leaving Netflix This Week: June 6th to June 13th, 2021

You can see the remaining distances for the rest of June 2021 here, and if you want to look even further ahead, you can see what is currently leaving Netflix in July 2021.

Here are three things to consider this week before you leave:

Portlandia (Seasons 1-8)

Leave Netflix: Thursday

We reported that first PortlandiaThe time of Netflix on Netflix is ​​drawing to a close and we are only days away from this becoming a reality. The sketch comedy series is expected to appear exclusively on AMC’s streaming platforms and is perhaps the best of its genre in decades.

The excellent comedy created and starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein is set in Portland and follows a few underdogs in hilarious situations.

Looking for Bobby Fischer (1993)

Leave Netflix: Monday

Leaving Netflix from the Paramount library is to find Bobby Fisher, who has undoubtedly seen a little boost in viewing on Netflix thanks to the hit smash A queen’s gambit. There are certainly a few similarities. So if you’ve enjoyed the Netflix Original Limited Series, give it a try before it goes off.

Q ball (2019)

Leave Netflix: Friday

If you love your sports titles there will be a bunch of NDG Cinema documentaries playing on Saturday this week, but our top picks that you should absolutely check out are Q ball.

Here’s what to expect from the Sports Document if you’ve never seen it before:

“At San Quentin State Prison, die-hard convicts seek salvation as they go through their personal struggles by bonding through basketball.”

Full list of what’s leaving Netflix this week

Leave Netflix on June 7th

  • In Search of Bobby Fischer (1993)

We’re leaving Netflix on June 8th

Leave Netflix on June 10th

  • Black Snow (2017)
  • LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship (2016)
  • LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu: Happy Birthday (2017)
  • LEGO: Friends: Happy Birthday! (2017)
  • Portlandia (8 seasons)

We’re leaving Netflix on June 11th

Leave Netflix on June 12th

  • Addicted to Life (2014)
  • Don’t Crack Under Pressure (2015)
  • Don’t crack under pressure II (2016)
  • Don’t Crack Under Pressure III (2017)
  • Flimflam (2016)
  • Magnetic (2018)

We’re leaving Netflix on June 13th June

  • Convict (2014)
  • Wilder Raghda (2018)
  • The Ant’s Cry (2010)
  • The Cell (2017)
  • The Right One (2011)

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