What’s New on Netflix & Top 10s: July 20th, 2021

Welcome to your first daily roundup of what’s new on Netflix for July 20, 2021. We have 5 titles to discuss today (although one was released over the weekend) and we’ll also address the trends in the top 10.

If you don’t like anything today, there are plenty of other titles on the way for the rest of the week.

New release highlights on Netflix

Cosmic sin (2021)

Genre: Action, adventure, science fiction
Director: Edward Drake
Occupation: Frank Grillo, Bruce Willis, Brandon Thomas Lee
Writer: Edward Drake, Corey Large
Running time: 88 minutes

Note: This was added on Saturday but we didn’t get a chance to cover it.

While Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo front the front lines of this science fiction action film, the end result is far from optimal.

The title follows seven renegade soldiers who discover an alien race and decide to attack pre-emptively to stop an interstellar war.

The film has a 9 on Metacritic (yes, single digit number) and a 2.5 out of 10 on IMDb.

Milk water (2020)

Genre: theatre
Director: Morgan Ingari
Occupation: Molly Bernard, Michael Judson Berry, Patrick Breen, Bryn Carter
Writer: Morgan Ingari
Running time: 101 minutes

This LGBTQ + film, written and directed by Morgan Ingari, makes its SVOD debut on Netflix today.

Here’s what you can expect from the film:

“The aimless 20-year-old Milo impulsively becomes the replacement for a gay man and wrestles with the emotional complexity of her non-traditional decision.”

A limited number of reviews are available for Milk water with him currently carries a 4.8 on IMDb at the moment.

Touch your heart (Season 1)

Genre: romance
Occupation: Lee Dong-Wook, Sang-woo Lee, Sung Yoon Son
Running time: 60 minutes

Touch your heart Netflix

Touch Your Heart, or Jinsimi Dadda as it is known on other websites and services, is a K-drama romance series that was first released two years ago.

Here’s what you need to know before diving in:

“Hoping for a comeback after a terrible scandal, an actress agrees to research a new role by taking a job as a secretary for a prickly lawyer.”

Full list of new releases on Netflix for July 20, 2021

2 new movies added today

  • Milk water (2020)
  • The Drum of Retribution (2020)

2 new TV series added today

  • Okupas (Season 1)
  • Touch Your Heart (Season 1)

Top 10 movies and series on Netflix for July 20, 2021

# Movies TV series
1 Jungfrau River dusk
2 I have never Gunpowder Milkshake
3 robbery Angststrasse: 1666
4th manifest The Twilight series new moon
5 Sex / life The Twilight Saga Eclipse
6th Atypical The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2
7th CoComelon Cosmic sin
8th My unorthodox life The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1
9 Johnny test Fear Street: 1994
10 The chef from Castamar Fear Street: 1978

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