What’s New on Netflix UK This Week & Top 10s: June 11th, 2021

Awake is now available to stream on Netflix UK

It’s certainly a much quieter week for Netflix UK with only 24 new movies and TV shows added to the library. Still, there is a lot to enjoy. So unless you’re busy watching the start of the European Championships or basking in the sun, make sure to watch Netflix this weekend. Here’s the news on Netflix UK and the top 10 for June 11, 2021.

Here are the top highlights of the past week:

Awake (2021) No

Director: Mark Raso
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama | Running time: 96 minutes
Occupation: Gina Rodriguez, Ariana Greenblatt, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Shamier Anderson, Barry Pepper

With the recent change in weather in the UK, many of us can relate to a marked lack of sleep, but we are only grateful that this is not due to a global catastrophe, unlike the world of awakening.

A devastating world event causes all electronic devices to be wiped out and people to lose the ability to sleep, quickly throwing the world into chaos. Jill, an ex-soldier, may have the cure for the world problem thanks to her daughter Matilda, but getting her to the right people and saving the world is on a thread as Jill is slowly going insane from being out of sleep .

Captain Phillips (2013)

Director: Paul Greengrass
Genre: Adventure, biography, crime | R.untimely: 134 minutes
Occupation: Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi, Barkhad Abdirahman, Catherine Keener, Faysal Ahmed

This feature has been nominated for six Academy Awards, including the Best Picture of the Year award. Of course, many remember the movie because of the iconic meme that stems from Barkhad Abdi’s wonderful performance as a Somali pirate muse.

Based on the true story of the 2009 hijacking in which Somali pirates hijacked the American cargo ship MV Maresk Alabama, the first American cargo ship in two hundred years.

America’s Got Talent (Season 2) No

Seasons: 2 | Consequences: New episodes weekly
Genre: Diversity | Running time: 80 minutes

A slew of talented hopefuls are brought before the jury who claim to be America’s most talented variety act worth being the headline act in Las Vegas.

The most popular films and series on Netflix Germany this week: June 11, 2021

Unsurprisingly, a true crime drama thanks Believe me: Lisa McVey’s kidnapping.

Lucifer Another week is on the top of the pile for television, too, and we don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon.

Here are all of the new additions to Netflix UK this week

15 new movies added to Netflix UK this week: June 11, 2021

  • Awake (2021) No
  • Blind Crossings (2012)
  • Body Broker (2021)
  • Camellia Sisters (2021)
  • Captain Phillips (2013)
  • Confusion Na Wa (2013)
  • Copenhagen (2014)
  • Skater Girl (2021) No
  • Small Chops (2020)
  • Strange But True (2019)
  • The Intent 2: The Come Up (2018)
  • Tony Halik. Born for Adventure (2020)
  • Tragic Jungle (2021) No
  • Until midnight (2019)
  • Wish Dragon (2021) No

5 new TV series were added to Netflix UK this week: June 11, 2021

  • LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship (2 Seasons)
  • Locombianos (Season 1) No
  • Lupine (part 2) No
  • The Platform (Season 3)
  • Trese (Season 1) No

2 new documentaries were added to Netflix UK this week: June 11, 2021

  • Kitty Love: A Tribute to Cats (2021) No
  • Trese after dark (2021) No

1 new reality series added to Netflix UK this week; June 11, 2021

  • Fresh, Fried & Crispy (Season 1) No

1 new variety special added to Netflix UK this week: June 11, 2021

  • America’s Got Talent (Season 2) No

What are you looking forward to seeing on Netflix UK this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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