When will Season 2 of ‘Johnny Test’ be on Netflix?

Johnny Test – Image: Wildbrain / Netflix

It’s a great time to be one Johnny test Fan again with Netflix, which is now the new home for a modernized version of the show. The good news is that more episodes in the form of the second season as well as an interactive special are in the pipeline. Here’s what we know

Some people have dubbed the kids’ animation season 7, but the reality is that Netflix is ​​referring to the new season as Season 1, even though it’s technically considered a revival rather than a restart. The series was first announced as an original Netflix title in May 2020.

The show also features all of the bells and whistles of a full original Netflix title, including multiple dubs and audio descriptions.

Season 1 was released on Netflix on July 16, 2021.

Will there be a second season of Johnny Test?

Yes! There will be at least one more season.

When the show got introduced To get to Netflix, the streaming service placed a large (though not uncommon for children’s titles) contract for the show.

In case of Johnny test, 2 seasons (presumably 40 episodes) and an interactive special have been ordered. Season 1 was retired with 20 episodes, so we expect Season 2 to drop the other 20 episodes.

Since they were ordered together, it is very likely that these episodes are now or have been completed.

However, it is not easy to predict when they will come to Netflix. Netflix has not yet confirmed when Season 2 will be streamed.

Johnny test scaled down

Children’s titles tend to get much faster release schedules, usually within 3, 6, or 12 months.

With this logic we think that Johnny test Season 2 will be aired on Netflix no later than July 2022, December 2021 or October 2021.

The interactive special is expected to arrive at some point and will be 66 minutes long and will join a variety of other interactive titles on the service.

As mentioned, the older series is streamed on Netflix in most regions of the world, including Netflix in the US, UK, and other major English-speaking regions. Unfortunately, Netflix only streams the earlier seasons. Seasons 4-6 are not available. However, we have good news. WildBrainrain YouTube channel houses a collection of clips and full episodes from these later seasons.

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