Why doesn’t Netflix have Black Friday deals?

why doesn't netflix have offers for black friday

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Black Friday is upon us again and while those two words may fill you with dread or wonder, Netflix has never joined in the festivities, even when most of its streaming competitions do.

Each year, Black Friday marks the busiest shopping day of the year and follows the day after Thanksgiving. While the holidays started in the United States of America, they have spread around the world and much of the world is now participating.

Most of the reasons people join the day are because they are looking for a good deal and indeed thousands of both offline and discount online retailers including big streamers.

Our friends at CordCuttersNews have already been busy putting together some of the best streaming deals for 2021. Right now, some of the biggest deals, including Hulu, are cutting its offer down to 99 cents, with PBS Prime Channels down to 99 cents, Paramount + giving a month for free and AMC + offering a deal where you get the service for just under $ 2 per month. I

There are countless other examples, but not among them Netflix that has never been in the holiday season and rarely, if ever, cut its service for Black Friday or whatever.

hulu black friday offer

Hulu Black Friday Promotion

We have seen examples of Netflix discounts in other methods, whether it’s offering free Netflix levels in Kenya or Vietnam or offering mobile levels, but this is not a discount. self.

So why does Netflix never participate in discounts or Black Friday? Well, according to Patrick Campbell of PriceIntelligently, it could damage your entire product and your brand in the long run.

In his post, Patrick says the reduced prices can increase acquisition (something Netflix’s rivals are focusing more on as they try to compete in crowded space), but says there are notable drawbacks. that can easily apply to streamers, including:

  • Lower willingness to pay in the future, as the perceived value of your product is now at the lower level of the discount.
  • Higher churn rates as prices rise almost always lead to customers unsubscribing.
  • Trains your customers to devalue your product from the start.

Since these Black Friday deals for streamers seem to be the same every year, well-educated consumers would simply never be able to access your service at a discounted rate from now on.

All this to say that Netflix could live up to this principle by following the mantra that the price you pay is the price you see and that’s it.

You can sometimes get Netflix for less, either with a phone plan or using discounted gift certificates, but that’s not quite the same as direct discounts.

At this point, it’s worth noting that Netflix has steadily increased its prices over time, with premium Netflix rising from $ 13.99 to $ 17.99 in the US between 2013 and 2021.

Will Netflix.Shop participate in Black Friday?

One big difference for 2021 is Netflix’s new merchandise store. Will it participate in Black Friday? At the moment, that seems unlikely.

Instead, they’re currently hosting an event on Thanksgiving called “Prop Drop Sweepstakes” which lets you enter to earn iconic props seen on shows such as Strange things, Squid game, The witcher, Sex education, Bridgerton, Lost in space and Money theft. However, only those from the United States are allowed to participate.

Would you like Netflix to have a special offer for Black Friday? Do you think they have the right rebate strategy? Let us know in the comments.

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