Will “House of Gucci” be on Netflix?

will be the home of gucci netflix

House of Gucci – Image: MGM / Universal Pictures

One of the highly anticipated winter 2021 films is House of Gucci, which is also highly anticipated to win some of the big Oscar awards next year. The film hits theaters on November 24, but will it hit Netflix later? It seems likely, but it will depend on where you live. Here’s why.

Directed by Ridley Scott, the new biopic is based on the 2001 book, itself based on the famous fashion family.

Some of the cast in the film include Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Jared Leto, and Jeremy Irons.

Where will House of Gucci broadcast in the United States?

All of House of Gucci’s theatrical releases follow traditional windows, meaning the film won’t be streaming for a while (likely summer) in 2022.

MGM and United Artists Releasing do not have a first window agreement with a major streamer other than EPIX (which it owns). This is where all of MGM’s movies head to the first window, but once it leaves EPIX it’s usually only available for purchase through VOD services, which means you’ll have to pay for it. rent or own.

Additionally, starting in 2021, all of MGM’s films will also head to Paramount + as part of an expanded deal signed in early 2021. According to this report:

“New MGM films will continue to be available first in an exclusive pay TV window with Epix, before becoming available on both Paramount + and Epix. “

In the long run, with MGM’s imminent US sale to Amazon, we suspect the film will be a permanent resident of Prime Video, but by then you’ll have to wait until 2022 for it to drop on EPIX.

In the United States, then, no Gucci House will not be on Netflix.

House of Gucci to be on Netflix internationally

Outside of the United States, it’s a different story. The film is not distributed by MGM and instead is expected to be distributed by Universal Pictures, which has extensive agreements with Netflix, which typically sees the films arrive on Netflix right after the first window.

Some good examples of films released in the United States by MGM and Universal internationally include 2019 The Addams Family and Agitation. More recently, Universal released No time to die and The respect. There have also been a few occasions where Lionsgate has handled UK distribution, but that’s not the case with Gucci House.

house of gucci netflix internationally

Regions such as Netflix UK and Canada have received new Universal Pictures films around 2 years after their theatrical release in recent years. Agitation for example, was added to Netlfix Canada on August 6, 2021 after its 2019 theatrical premiere.

So that means if you live in UK, Canada or most European countries you should see Gucci House arrive on Netflix at some point in 2023.

Will you check Gucci House in theaters or awaiting its release on EPIX or Netflix in your region? Let us know in the comments. To see what Netflix hopes for from the Oscars, check out our Netflix hopeful list.

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